“Papelulu” or Porridge with a crunch

We should probably take a patent on this. Or Mia should anyway. She invented her own recipe for breakfast. It’s porridge with a twist. For people who prefer crunch over smooth. Papelulu® she started calling it. A combination of “pap” (which is Dutch for porridge) and “kukelulu” (what she calls cornflakes – the rooster on the packet explains this).

Mia enjoying her Papelulu®

Ingredients for one bowl

Boiled Water
Soya Milk

Start with filling bowl up to half way with porridge flakes. In the mean time boil kettle. Once water is boiled, poor over the porridge and let soak for few minutes. Add spoonful of honey. To cool down and make the porridge a little creamier, add some (soya) milk. Give a good stir and finish off by sprinkling a handful of cornflakes on top of it. Enjoy.

Tip from Mia: you have to eat the “kukululu” fast to avoid sogginess. Top-op of “kukululu” whilst eating porridge is  allowed. This way the Papelulu® will stay nice and crunchy until all the porridge is gone.