My Toddler Is Becoming More Irish With The Day.

Looking at her, there has never been any doubt she is Irish. Strawberry blond hair, bright blue eyes and (very) pale complexion. But she starts to sound and act more and more proper Irish too.

And I have mixed feelings about it. I think.

I’m back in work three weeks now and it’s like my influence is slowly but surely wearing thin.  Because although I have (mostly) been talking Dutch to Mia, she is now more or less speaking English only. She still understands everything I say in Dutch, but will nearly always talk back in English to me. I suppose I’ve always said that my main goal for the girls was for them to understand Dutch, that I would not expect them to speak Dutch fluently. I’m the only person they hear speaking Dutch, I do admit that I don’t always stick to it when we are in company and because of daddy not understanding a word we say, I even sometimes speak English to them when he’s around. So it’s me to blame, not the girls. And I don’t really mind, because I think it is important that they have one main language. I’m all for raising children bilingual, but I think it’s important that they can identify with one language as their mother tongue. English that is. But I am getting a little concerned about the Cork twang Mia is getting. She is all chat and making four to five word sentences no bother. But you should hear the intonation. She’s signing like a proper Corkonian already. When she says “C’mon boy” she sounds more Cork than any of her Irish cousins. And when she’s pretend playing in her kitchen she makes a “cuppa tea”. I am just waiting for the “like” to appear at the end of every sentence.

Like any other Irish person, Mia is obsessed with the weather. And talks about the weather. A lot! When she wakes we open the blind in her room and she will comment. Today it’s a “sunny day”. Or more likely…today is a “rainy day”. Immediately followed by the song “Rain Rain go away, come back another day“. On days we are at home she goes out to the window once in a while to check on the weather. And will notify me when it’s becoming a “windy day“.

I have always sworn my kids would not be wearing jerseys. Unless they are playing sport. But Mia has other ideas. She loooooves her Cork jersey. “Up the Rebels” she would say before trying to put it on herself. So who am I to try to stop her? Especially as they are so easy to wash and don’t need ironing!

It was to be expected, they are living in Ireland after all. But I do think it’s time to take my two Irish girls for a continental trip very soon. To meet up with their Belgian cousins, get a bit of styling advice from their Belgian Oma and some proper Antwerp Culture from Opa. And who knows, maybe even a ray or two of sunshine.

My very Irish girl. With Jersey. On a Sunny Day.